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January 2017 Archives

Prenuptial Agreements & Planning

With the start of the New Year, many happy couples are freshly engaged, and excited to embark on the rest of their lives together. The question has been asked and the corks have been popped so... now what? While you may not be thinking of calling your lawyer at this exciting time, there are many benefits to doing so.

What Happens to Inherited Business Interests During Divorce?

Divorce involves the splitting of assets. Assets are generally broken down into one of two categories: marital or nonmarital, also referred to as separate. Marital assets are subject to split while assets that are deemed separate remain the property of the owning spouse.

Same-Sex Couple Adopted Partner and Now Seeks Marriage

Same-sex couples have faced a myriad of obstacles over the years. Not too long ago, these couples had virtually no legal rights in their relationship. Simply visiting an ailing partner in the hospital proved a difficult feat, not to mention the obstacles present when attempting to pass on an estate.

The January Effect

The beginning of a new year brings plenty of change. While some make resolutions to follow a new diet or get a promotion, others resolve to fix any issues they may have going on in their personal lives. This leads to the start of an increase of family law cases, especially divorces. Here at Previtera & Schimmel, we refer to this phenomenon as the "January Effect."

New Year, New Rights for Same Sex Couples in PA

A happy new year indeed- Big news for PA same-sex couples came down between the holidays! In Neyman vs. Buckley, the Superior Court held "that a Vermont civil union creates the functional equivalent of marriage for the purposes of dissolution." This now means that couples previously locked out of domestic relations equity can take advantage of the process in PA. Despite this accomplishment, several questions remain:

The Emerging Embryo Issue

With advances in technology and the ever-changing idea of what starting a family traditionally looks like, the debate over embryos has become a more common legal issue. The question of who embryos belong to once the parties decide to go their separate ways is a developing topic in courts all over the Country, including Pennsylvania.

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