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Two Options When an Ex Wants to Keep Your Last Name

A myriad of issues can arise during a divorce. For those who have a name that is tied to their professional reputation, one potential issue is whether or not your ex will change her last name after the divorce is finalized. The issue is best addressed from two different perspectives:

  • Before the divorce settlement is finalized
  • After the divorce settlement is finalized

The date of the settlement agreement is plays a crucial role in the options that are available to address this divorce issue.

Is Nesting After Divorce Right for You?

Nesting is a fairly new form of parenting arrangement that allows the children to stay in the family home while the parents take turns as the primary caretakers. One week one parent will live in the family home, the next the other parent takes over.

This arrangement does not work for every couple going through a divorce. Those who are considering such an arrangement should ask themselves these two questions first: is communication an issue and is the divorce contentious?

Exciting Announcement-We've Merged!

Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues and Clients,

We are delighted to announce the merger of our two firms, Petrelli Law and Previtera & Schimmel. Under the new firm name, Petrelli Previtera & Schimmel, our lawyers and staff will be combining their knowledge and talents into one truly powerful team of advocates.

Our Philadelphia office will remain at 1845 Walnut Street. As Petrelli Previtera & Schimmel, we will now be working together on the 19th floor. However, please continue to contact us at our usual phone numbers and email addresses.

Three Questions to Ask if Considering Divorce

Marriages go through rough patches. There are times when these rough patches smooth out and there are times when the rough patches are a sign of more serious problems. Couples that are struggling through these times and considering divorce can find some comfort in stepping back from the emotional side of the relationship and asking three logical questions.

The Dangers of Separation Without Divorce

It is not uncommon for marriage to feel similar to a roller coaster ride. There are ups, there are downs, and there are times when the ride shuts down and requires maintenance. Couples going through a down or maintenance period may decide that a break from the marriage is needed. A recent publication discusses these breaks, noting more and more couples are choosing to take a break after decades of marriage.

What causes this break? According to the piece, the fact that we now have a much longer life span plays a big roll. Many couples are looking into retirement and realizing that they do not want to share their sunset years with their current spouse. In an effort to decide what the future holds, many choose to take a break with an unofficial separation from their spouse.

How are Child Support Payments Calculated in Pennsylvania?

Parents going through a divorce may wonder how the expenses that come with raising children will be distributed between the parents. There are many different methods that courts use to determine the appropriate amount of child support, and these rules are generally governed by state law. As such, those who are in this situation are wise to have a basic understanding of how their state handles these matters.

How does Pennsylvania law impact child support calculations? Pennsylvania uses a method referred to as the income shares model to determine child support payments. This model takes the income from both parents into consideration when calculating child support obligations. This model is designed to help better ensure that the children experience the same quality of life after the divorce is complete that they enjoyed during the marriage.

Shift From High-Conflict Divorce to Successful Co-Parenting With These Tips

Divorce can bring out the worst in anyone. It is an emotional roller coaster regardless of which partner initiated the proceeding. The need to go through everything from who gets what pieces of property to who gets to spend the most time with the children can provide ample fuel for emotions to run high.

Four Proactive Tips to Help Children When Parents Divorce

It is not uncommon for parents going through divorce to express concern about the emotional well-being of their children. In these situations, proactive steps are available to help ease the transition for young ones. Four examples include:

  • Remain neutral. You are divorcing the other parent for good reason. That said, it is important to remember that your future ex is still the children's other parent. As such, it is important to refrain from speaking negatively about your ex in front of the children.

Best Interest of the Child Standard in Pennsylvania and its Role in Child Custody

Those who are getting a divorce in Pennsylvania must navigate a number of legal issues. One legal issue that is often complicated involves child custody matters.

What types of laws apply to child custody matters? All divorce issues are subject to state law. As such, the process can vary from state to state. The following information is specifically tailored for those who are going through a divorce in Pennsylvania.

What does Pennsylvania state law say about child custody? Parents are encouraged to develop a parenting plan. If the parents cannot agree on a custody arrangement, the court will put one together. When this determination is put together, the court will apply a legal concept known as the best interest of the child standard.

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