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PA Lawmaker Proposes Law to Ease Family Adoptions

Studies find that children who are placed in foster care with family members are more likely to be successful after leaving state custody. As a result, lawmakers are pushing forward a proposal that would ease the ability of relatives to take in children that are in need of care.

What is the current law? States throughout the country are required to have standards in place to guide the placement of children. In most cases, states are expected to use these standards across the board, for every family interested in taking in a child. In some situations, states often allow the waiver of “non-safety” standards when considering a placement. A common example is the number of bedrooms present in the home. 

Three Tips for a Strong Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are akin to insurance policies. Hopefully the agreement is not needed, but in the event that it is you want to be sure that the agreement will perform as expected. A weak prenuptial agreement can result in litigation and may not withstand a legal challenge. This risk can be mitigated by putting together a strong prenuptial agreement from the very start. 

Woman Uses Tech to Help Win her Divorce

Technology can be a wonderful thing. One woman made tech her friend by putting an app to use to help her win her divorce case. The woman was able to successfully use an application that monitored texting to help build her divorce case.

This application was designed to determine when a text was received and opened by the recipient. The woman used this technology to show that her now ex-husband had received and opened texts but failed to respond. The details of the case do not have much bearing here in the United States, as it comes out of Taiwan. However, the case does highlight the positive uses of technology during a divorce. 

Tips to Protect Family Business From Divorce

Putting together a family business is often equal parts difficult and rewarding. Those who find success may see the business as more than just a profession, but as an additional part of the family. The business can become a part of the family’s culture, a part of the family’s heritage.

Like any other part of the family, the business will be impacted by a divorce.

Three Findings From Research on Same-Sex Marriages in the U.S.

The United States Supreme Court decision Obergefell v. Hodges resulted in the legalization of same-sex marriages in 2014. According to the justices, a failure to extend the rights inherent in a marital relationship to same-sex couples was a violation of the equal protection rights granted under the 14th Amendment.

Since this landmark holding, same-sex couples throughout the country have had the opportunity to marry their loved ones. Overall, as highlighted in a recent report released by the Pew Research Center delving into facts about same-sex marriage, these marriages are thriving. Three examples from the piece include:

Baby Boomers and Divorce: Watch for These 2 Financial Surprises

A study released a couple of years ago brought attention to the fact that the divorce rate amongst Baby Boomers was on the rise. This group has experienced almost double the divorce rate in current years compared to reported numbers from the 1990s.

Reasons for the decision to split after the age of fifty vary. A recent article published by CNBC notes that some couples in this situation cite the fact that they grew apart while focusing on raising children and no longer have common interests with their partner. Others look towards retirement as an opportunity to do exactly what they want to do instead of trying to appease a partner. 

Two Options When an Ex Wants to Keep Your Last Name

A myriad of issues can arise during a divorce. For those who have a name that is tied to their professional reputation, one potential issue is whether or not your ex will change her last name after the divorce is finalized. The issue is best addressed from two different perspectives:

  • Before the divorce settlement is finalized
  • After the divorce settlement is finalized

The date of the settlement agreement is plays a crucial role in the options that are available to address this divorce issue.

Is Nesting After Divorce Right for You?

Nesting is a fairly new form of parenting arrangement that allows the children to stay in the family home while the parents take turns as the primary caretakers. One week one parent will live in the family home, the next the other parent takes over.

This arrangement does not work for every couple going through a divorce. Those who are considering such an arrangement should ask themselves these two questions first: is communication an issue and is the divorce contentious?

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Our Philadelphia office will remain at 1845 Walnut Street. As Petrelli Previtera & Schimmel, we will now be working together on the 19th floor. However, please continue to contact us at our usual phone numbers and email addresses.

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