Law Firm Preparing Prenuptial Agreements With Attention To Detail

A prenuptial agreement — also referred to as an antenuptial agreement or a premarital agreement — is a contract entered into by a couple in anticipation of marriage. It can be one of the most important documents you sign. A prenuptial agreement outlines the division of assets and debts that each party will be entitled to in the event of divorce or death.

The document can benefit a couple who want to control the division of assets and avoid going through the court and the Pennsylvania equitable distribution process in the event the marriage fails. One or both potential spouses may want to avoid the risk of a major loss of assets, income or a family business in the event of a divorce.

A prenuptial agreement does not have to only focus on assets, but it can outline how premarital debts, such as college loans, tax debs, or credit card bills, would be paid in the event of a divorce. People entering into a second or third marriage also may want to protect certain assets or belongings, and pass them on to the children or grandchildren of prior marriages rather than to a current spouse.

Pennsylvania Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

The language of an agreement can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the parties. Previtera & Schimmel can help you understand what goes into writing such a document and draft it for you to meet your specific requirements.

In Pennsylvania, prenuptial agreements are considered the same as any other contract parties may enter into and, therefore, are presumed to be valid and enforceable. You will want a skilled attorney to help you draft a solid working document.

In addition to handling prenuptial agreements, we also handle postnuptial agreements. These arrangements are essentially the same as a prenuptial agreement, but occur after the marriage has taken place.

Prenuptial Agreements And Same-Sex Marriage

The laws regarding same-sex marriage are continually evolving. Without a prenuptial agreement in place, the conditions of a same-sex marriage may be subject to those laws. A prenuptial agreement allows you to control the circumstances of your marriage rather than leaving that up to the state.

At Previtera & Schimmel, we can help you draft an agreement that meets your needs and requirements. Having such an agreement in place provides stability in that it lays out the kinds of action to take in the event specific life occurrences arise. We will discuss your situation with you in great detail and explain the purposes of including specific provisions in such an agreement.

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A party who wishes to set aside the agreement would have to show clear and convincing evidence that the agreement was entered into under fraud, duress or coercion, or that there was not a full and fair disclosure of assets and liabilities of each spouse at the time of the agreement and a waiver of the disclosure was not included in the agreement. To protect yourself and maintain you prenuptial agreement, contact our Philadelphia office today by calling 800-580-9136 to set up a initial consultation and take the first step toward drafting a prenuptial agreement that works for you.