Other Family Law Issues

At Previtera & Schimmel, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we understand that few, if any, legal concerns are more stressful and unnerving than family law issues. It is why we place a high priority on providing personalized attention to every client, and why we explain the full details of what is occurring at every step.

We work with each client to establish key objectives and develop a legal strategy that will help us reach those goals. In addition to handling divorce, child support and child custody matters, we also represent clients in the full scope of other family law matters, including:

  • Grandparents' rights:
  • Domestic violence:
  • Child abuse/substance abuse:
  • Paternity:

Representing Clients At Every Stage

Our clients encounter family law issues at various stages in their life and their relationships. Child custody and child support issues often need to be addressed by parents who never married; modifications to custody or support orders may be necessary years after the court originally set them; and many grandparents find themselves using legal channels to secure custodial rights or even physical custody of a grandchild for any number of reasons.

No matter why you need to work with a family law attorney, it is critical to find one who is compassionate about your situation, interested in your goals and responsive to your needs. Contact a family law lawyer who puts your interests first by calling 800-580-9136.