Modification Of Child Custody And Child Support Orders

Because life's circumstances change more rapidly than ever, original agreements regarding child custody or child support may no longer be adequate or even workable. At Previtera & Schimmel in Philadelphia, we help individuals legally modify custody and child support orders.

Just as with the original agreement itself, a child custody and visitation or child support payment modification can be reached amicably between parents or litigated in court. We assist parents who seek a modification or need to defend against a modification request that is without merit.

Identifying Causes For Modification

In order for the court to approve a modification, a significant change in circumstances must be shown. This may include:

  • A significant increase or decrease in one parent's income
  • Temporary inability to pay due to prolonged unemployment or other expenses such as a medical emergency
  • Increased medical costs for a child
  • A child's needs change significantly
  • An existing custody agreement doesn't work due to a child's schedule with sports or other extracurricular activities
  • Abuse of alcohol or drugs, or physical abuse that puts a child at risk

In many instances, parents work out modifications to their custody or child support arrangement without notifying the court. It is important to make such adjustments legal by notifying the court in writing. Failure to do so could allow a former spouse to reverse his or her decision to cooperate and require you to adhere to the original agreement.

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