Uncontested Divorce Lawyer In Philadelphia And Cherry Hill

If both parties in a divorce agree to property division, custody terms, support and other key issues, an uncontested divorce may be the best option. Uncontested divorces generally save parties time, money and a lot of anxiety. They are common among couples who have limited assets or debt, and no children.

Although an uncontested divorce is significantly easier and faster than a conventional divorce, it still requires that substantial paperwork be completed and filed with the court.

It is highly recommended that both parties retain legal representation in an uncontested divorce. Individuals who have attempted to file all documents with the court on their own have ended up spending more money and time correcting errors than they would have on the low fee of an uncontested divorce attorney.

Uncontested Divorce Does Not Mean You Can't Have Differences

At Previtera & Schimmel, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we take the same steps to protect our clients' rights as we do for more conventional divorce clients. In fact, not every candidate for an uncontested divorce starts out that way.

Often, we are able to help our clients resolve disputes in order to take advantage of the time and money savings that uncontested divorces offer. Other couples resolve differences with assistance from a third-party mediator.

Studies also have shown that couples who reach a divorce agreement without litigation enjoy more amicable post-divorce lives. This goes a long way in maintaining positive relationships with children.

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