Issues Involved In A High-Asset Divorce

Getting divorced can be a challenging time, and that's quite often the case if you are involved in a high-asset divorce. Protecting your assets becomes a significant part of the divorce process, and if there is animosity between you and your spouse there may be many arguments on who gets what.

Handling A Wide Range Of High-Asset Divorce Matters

At Previtera & Schimmel, our highly skilled attorneys represent clients in all aspects of a high-asset divorce. We are familiar with the complex issues that these types of divorce cases involve, including:

  • Business valuations: If you own a business, with your spouse or on your own, you may need to divide it, sell it or protect it from the divorce, depending on the ownership circumstances.
  • Homes, vacation homes and real property: In high-asset divorces there is generally more than just one house. Depending on the way other properties are titled and how they were purchased, you may be able to exclude them from assets that have to be shared.
  • Offshore accounts: There are a number of ways to protect money, and offshore accounts are among those ways. If you have offshore accounts or suspect your spouse might, an attorney can help you address that issue.
  • Hidden assets: If your spouse is hiding assets to avoid giving you what is fair, working with a lawyer may help uncover those assets so they can be included as part of the divorce proceedings.
  • Employee benefits/stock options and retirement accounts: You work hard for your money, and it's important that you protect it during a divorce. While doing what is fair is important, so is making sure you are not being asked to pay out too much to your spouse.

Having Representation On Your Side

Hiring a lawyer is generally a necessity in a high-asset divorce, to ensure that the proceedings are fair and that each spouse gets what is deserved. You don't want to have to give up too much of your wealth or income, and you also want to make sure you aren't cheated out of what you should have from your spouse. To do that, the services of an attorney are needed to help you navigate through the court system and bring your divorce to a conclusion that you and your spouse can accept.

If you need an attorney in the greater Philadelphia or Southern New Jersey area, reach out to us at Previtera & Schimmel today. Call 800-580-9136, or use our online contact form to get in touch so we can help you with your high-asset divorce. We know it's important that you get what you deserve, and we will work with you on a successful conclusion.