Divorce Lawyers Advocating On Your Behalf

The decision to end a marriage is rarely made easily, but once you have taken that step, it is important to retain competent legal counsel that can protect your interests and put you in the best possible position to begin your post-divorce life.

At Previtera & Schimmel, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we help our clients in Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey prioritize objectives, sort out concerns and come out on the other side of divorce with a sound strategy for making the changes in their life work for them.

Divorce Attorneys Providing Personalized Representation

We work closely with every client to resolve important decisions regarding the dissolution of marriage, the division of marital property and other key decisions that must be made when a marital relationship ends. Every client works directly with a skilled family law attorney from the initial consultation through the resolution of the case.

Often, it is necessary to file pretrial orders, which settle important decisions such as temporary custody or visitation time with children, where each party will live and financial responsibilities while the divorce is completed. By involving us as soon as possible, we will be able to protect your interests in these early stages.

Resolving Disputes With Or Without Litigation

We will advocate on your behalf during negotiations in order to protect your interests. We aim for an efficient and effective resolution, but if a fair agreement cannot be reached, we are trial-tested attorneys always prepared to go to court if it is in our client's best interests.

If you need a divorce lawyer in Greater Philadelphia or Southern New Jersey, call 800-580-9136 or use our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We will review the facts of your case and recommend the best course of action.