Additional Peer Endorsements

"I have known Diana C. Schimmel for several years now and I cannot help but be impressed by the competent and caring approach she brings to her family law practice. In a field that seems to be oversaturated with attorneys, Diana C. Schimmel's excellence stands out from the crowd. She has a genuine passion for all of her clients and loves being able to help them and their families through such a difficult time in their lives. She believes in both equitable and practical solutions to divorce through a collaborative process, if possible. If not, then she is a zealous advocate for her clients' through the litigation process. For this reason, she has already built a very successful practice and will continue this same success for years to come. I highly endorse Diana C. Schimmel for anyone who needs help with family law issues."
- Crispino Pastore, Esq.

"Attorney extremely knowledgeable in the field of family law. I would not hesitate to refer individuals to her who are in need of legal services in the Philadelphia area."
- Randi Silverman, Esq.

"Diana C. Schimmel is a very intelligent individual who is quick on her feet. She is an excellent negotiator and always finds solutions for her clients. I would recommend her services to anyone that has a family law issue."
-Prince Holloway, Esq.

"Diana C. Schimmel possesses the unique combination of excellent client relations and superior knowledge of family law that facilitates wonderful results. I have referred several clients to her for family law matters and the results have been consistent with the clients being extremely satisfied and prevailing on the issues they care about. She is the type of lawyer who provides insight to the clients that allows them to understand the process, but is not afraid of being aggressive in the pursuit of her clients' desired ends. She has been and continues to be a reliable and invaluable referral attorney to me and my practice for any family law matters."
- Jordan Namerow, Esq.

"Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community."
- Christian K. Lassen II, Esq.

"Knowing Diana C. Schimmel since law school, I can say that she is a knowledgeable and capable family law attorney, and is sensitive to the needs of her clients who may be experiencing difficult situations."- Eid Edward Qaqish, Esq.

"I endorse Diana C. Schimmel. She was opposing counsel on a support matter which had high conflict parties. We were able to assist our respective clients in reaching an agreed support order and, thereby, avoid further support litigation. In addition, she and I were able to assist our clients in working toward changing their communication styles and methods to reduce conflicts. I enjoyed having Diana C. Schimmel on the other side, and I appreciate that she is an attorney who is interested in helping her clients resolve their cases quickly and with an eye toward settlement. I look forward to cases we may have together again in the future."
-Kristine L. Calalang, Esq.

"I endorse Diana C. Schimmel. I know Diana C. Schimmel to be a dedicated attorney who gives her client's cases 110 per cent. She knows her stuff and any of my clients who need a prenup, divorce or custody matter resolved I would refer to Diana C. Schimmel."
- Stuart A. Carpey, Esq.

"I endorse this lawyer. I would recommend her to any person in need of a quality family law attorney in the Philadelphia Area."
- Josef Arthur Hirschmann III, Esq.

"Attorney very knowledgeable in the field of family law."
-Scott L Levine, Esq.

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